HDR Partners

Client: HDR Partners
Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Stationery, Website, Presentation

HDR Partners is one of Stockholm’s leading Corporate Finance firms.

In 2016 HDR Partners hired me to design their new brand identity as well as a new responsive website, stationery and presentation material. It was important to give the brand a traditional finance look, that also felt elegant and gave the impression of experience. The result was a monogram based on the three letters of the founders’ surnames inlaced by two circles. The colours were muted navy, yellow, green and burgundy together with silver foil on stationery and the printed presentation cover. I also created a pattern based on this monogram.

Visit the website here: www.hdrpartners.se


“Since Åsa changed our branding I feel very proud of handing out my business card as well as going into a meeting with our new presentation material. The design feels considered and very professional.”

Marcus Konstantino Partner, HDR Partners