Client: Hagaköket
Date: 2018
Services: Branding & Catalogues

Hagaköket is a Swedish kitchen company with a history of 95 years. It is being sold in over 80 stores all over Sweden.

The company needed my design skills to update their graphic identity. They wanted to keep their existing logotype which I based the rest of the identity on. The logotype´s bold typeface is now used through out the collateral together with a more elegant italic one. The colours were based on nature and woodland to give the brand a relation to its handcraft work. Finally circles was part of the graphic language to mirror the logotype.

I designed two catalogues for Hagaköket. One main catalogue and one for their fast-delivery collection. My intention with the main catalogue was to make it a very engaging and visual read. The spreads differ a lot from each other to make the reader intrigued to continue and never find the catalogue boring. Full bleed is mixed with white borders and circular images. The brand’s colours are also used to differ the sections in the catalogue.

Finally, I was also in charge of organising a new photographer and art directing the photo sessions. The catalogues have received great appreciation from both sellers and potential customers and will hopefully help Hagaköket increase their sales.


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Pontus Ekman Head of Sales Hagaköket